SPECIALISING IN chemical free cleaning USING ENJO.

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About Us

This family owned business was established in 2006 and started on our own backs! We were passionate (and still are!) about making homes chemical free and the ENJO cleaning system was perfect to achieve that outcome.


At our agency we specialize in cleaning your home properly using ENJO.  Our service is safe for both the environment and people with allergies!         

Green Earth Home Cleaning offers a thorough premium service, as we are professional ENJO cleaners who really do take pride in the high standard of our work.       

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, reliability and high level of service.  By using Green Earth Home Cleaning not only will you experience a longer lasting clean, but the low air quality in your home due to chemical use will also improve!       

Our customers refer to us as second to none.  Feel free to browse through our many legitimate testimonials.  We only service areas North of the River.        

At Green Earth Home Cleaning we offer regular weekly or fortnightly ENJO cleaning of our clients homes.  We do not offer monthly, one-off or vacate cleans.  Green Earth Home Cleaning also does not offer housekeeping services, for example changing beds, ironing, washing dishes etc - we specialize in keeping your home hygienically clean. We want to focus on the clean not the tidy up.                                                            


By making the choice to use Green Earth Home Cleaning to service your home using ENJO, you will be reducing the amount of harmful chemicals into landfill, as well as using less packaging from household chemicals -       

By making the choice to use Green Earth Home Cleaning not only will you be contributing to a greener earth but providing a healthier and safer environment for you, your family and pets!  Make the choice today!  "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of  difference you want to make"  Jane Goodall