SPECIALISING IN chemical free cleaning USING ENJO.

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Great news!  

Our standard domestic cleans which uniquely are Chemical Free/Non Toxic are surprisingly very competitive compared to other ENJO cleaning Perth companies.    

Our quotes range from a minimum charge of $120 to approx $150 per clean.  They are based on individual homes and not based on an hourly rate, and we provide all the ENJO fibres needed to clean your home.  We only send one person to clean each home and so unfortunately we have a limit on the size of home we can service, so the mansions and very large double stories with 4-5 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms of this great city are not our niche!   

We like to spend our time focusing on the chemical free/ non toxic cleaning of your home, not so much the housekeeping, tyding up side of things like making beds, linen changing, picking up all the kids toys etc.  We find that our clients respond well to this as for them its really the cleaning responsibility that they either don't have time to do or don't want to do!    

We perform the same thorough standard clean of the home each time we are there, which is a great strategy to keep the home in what us cleaning businesses refer to as the "maintenance mode", so the house feels, looks and keeps cleaner for longer between each regular clean. In most cases when you first use our service, our first clean is always harder and we do charge an additional fee to cover us for the extra effort!  By doing this it allows us to have a good starting point.  

Our ultimate goal is to look after your home for a very long time.  We do this by offering a very transparent, professional and friendly service. Our primary goal is getting, then keeping your home in its maintenance mode and making your life just that little bit easier (hopefully a lot easier!), keeping you and your family happy, healthy, and living in a clean environment.  Our list of mostly long term, some relatively short term, amazing and importantly satisfied clients reinforces our belief that we are providing a great chemical free and non toxic ENJO cleaning service to the Perth Northern Suburbs area and have been for over a decade.  

Our Standard Chemical Free / Non-Toxic Clean (or what we like to refer to as your sparkle) includes the following area and some examples of the things we clean.  


• ENJO cleaning of up to 2 Bathrooms- mirrors, tapware, screens, sills, vanity, and more    

• Chemical Free cleaning of the Kitchen- cupboard doors, benchtops, tapware, microwave and more    

• ENJO cleaning of the Laundry- laundry sink, tapware and more    

• Dusting of the interior home- frames, lamps, benchtops, mirrors, Tvs and more    

• Vacuuming the whole interior of the home    

• Mopping the whole interior of the home